Optimize performance by instilling a culture of continuous feedback

Don't wait for review season. Share impactful employee feedback in real time to guide growth all year long.

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Feedback overview

Let feedback drive a high-performance culture

A system of continuous feedback helps employees grow, provides real-time insights, and boosts employee engagement.

Give and receive feedback that fuels performance

By sharing in-the-moment feedback between peers, from direct reports to managers, or across teams, employees gain actionable information that improves performance and increases engagement.

Share feedback from wherever you work

Lattice makes sharing feedback easy by integrating with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Lattice Mobile, and your email provider.

Never lose track of feedback

The Performance Reviews context panel allows reviewers to see historical feedback, providing important context and leading to fairer, faster review cycles.

Receive feedback from the right people

Peer feedback provides employees with powerful insights into how they work and where they can improve. Employees can even request feedback from external teams, like clients or customers, to learn how things went during their time working together.

“The feedback tool has been really helpful for us, because it gives people an opportunity not just to give critical feedback but to request feedback as well. This helps our managers get the opportunity to receive a full picture of how team members are working with others around the company. It creates valuable conversations and even some new opportunities for growth.”

Mackenzie Saunders  —  Learning & Development Lead at OppFi
99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

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